Travelling Patients


To save you the need for extra trips, we offer phone and skype consultations as a preliminary way of assessing your needs and suitability for surgery. To accompany your virtual consultation, we will need some photos which our Surgeons will refer to when discussing the procedure with you.


Once you book a date for your surgery, you will be advised when you will need to arrive and how long you will need to stay after your operation. You will need to bring someone with you for at least part of your stay. This can be a partner, relative or good friend. If you are unable to bring someone with you, then let us know early so that we can arrange a nurse to accompany you.

Booking a date for surgery requires a non-refundable deposit. Once this is made, we will send you a surgical pack which will include all the detailed information that pertains to you and your upcoming surgery.


Our Surgical Rooms are in Subiaco within walking distance from numerous hotels such as Sage Hotel, Sebel, Quest and The View. Our patient services team can assist you with your accommodation.

Below are the recommended length of stays. This will be confirmed by your Surgeon after your consultation.

  • Breast Augmentation: Arrive 1 day before surgery date, stay 5 days after

  • Breast Lift: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay 1 week after

  • Liposuction: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay 1 week after

  • Abdominal Surgery: Arrive 1-2 days before, stay 1 week after


You will be reviewed in person for final surgical planning prior to your upcoming surgery. Please cease smoking, alcohol and anti-inflammatory medications (such as aspirin, Nurofen, Naprogesic, Indocid etc..) prior to surgery.


Prior to the surgery, you will meet the anaesthetist and other staff involved in your operation.

For day surgery procedures, you will be required to have someone pick you up. It is a policy of all hospitals to not allow you to leave unaccompanied after a general anaesthesia.


The vast majority of surgery performed only requires only a day stay in the hospital.

A postoperative visit with one of our nurses will be scheduled prior to your departure home. During this visit, all postoperative details will be discussed and scheduled.